Our string quartet’s versatility has never been more apparent than now. With the performances we have been engaged in so far this year, as in previous years, we can play just about anywhere. If you’re in need of live string music, we can be there.


Typically at an outdoor wedding for example, It’s usually the case that we’ll play for the ceremony, relocate to where drinks & canapés are served, then relocate again to the reception area. This all depends on the type of venue of coarse. Some don’t require relocation. But in any case, it’s simply a matter of each player picking up their sheet music stand, instrument, and heading to where you would like us to be.

Different Locations
Rhododendron Gardens


This was taken at the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda for a solo cello wedding booking.  There are so many wonderful trees to hold a meaningful wedding ceremony under. They also provide great shelter from the sun for our valuable instruments.




Ballara Receptions

Perfect position on the balcony at  Ballara Receptions. From here we are elevated and so we can watch proceedings and time our music accordingly. For example we can conclude any piece of music as the bridesmaids arrive in position and then do the same for the bride’s processional. You may think this space isn’t wide enough for a 4 piece quartet but we can create any formation required for your chosen space. This highlights the advantage of having so much experience in that we know most, if not all of Melbourne’s venues and where the most advantageous playing positions are. Having said that, we’re in your hands!


Plaza Ballroom


Here we are at the Plaza Ballroom as a quartet. (2 violins, viola & cello). This is an example of how our music can fill a larger space for several hundred people. This is an environment where there may be lots of chatter among guests, clanging of cutlery etc so our music makes a charming accompaniment to any sit down dinner scenario. Perfect for award dinners, corporate gatherings, larger celebrations of any kind.



Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Now here’s a space at Royal Botanic Gardens we play at regularly. The large umbrellas have multiple purpose. They give shelter for guests, protection for our instruments, and they look good too. 

Areas most often played at include;
Gardens House
Taxodium Lawn
Nymphaea Lake


There really is no limit except your imagination. Live strings brings a versatility that cannot be equalled. For example, try asking a band to relocate! I rest my case.




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