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Fully Vaccinated

Welcome to Four Seasons String Quartet

Welcome to my Four Seasons String Quartet blog. Thank you for joining me. I’m Nora, cellist, Musical Director and founder of FSSQ. I’ve been studying, practicing and playing the cello for practically my whole life. My passion is to share the beauty and richness of live string music, so naturally the vehicle to do this is through my very own

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Are we vaccinated?

As we gradually approach opening up to a new “COVID normal”, It’s becoming more and more exciting to contemplate the idea of returning to live performance. The question of vaccination is very important. As with all businesses operating under the current COVID-19 climate, it is just as important as it ever was to adhere to government restrictions and directives. Please

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Updated Restrictions November 2020

Welcome to my November covid update, great news with restrictions being lifted to a far friendlier level. Some key points: ~ Weddings are allowed with up to 150 attendees whether held indoors or outdoors. This limit includes the couple but not the celebrant, photographer or other workers such as catering staff. Babies under 12 months are not included in the

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Versatility Our string quartet’s versatility has never been more apparent than now. With the performances we have been engaged in so far this year, as in previous years, we can play just about anywhere. If you’re in need of live string music, we can be there. Relocating Typically at an outdoor wedding for example, It’s usually the case that we’ll

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Why Pay Commission?

Don’t Do It! I just can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would choose to pay a commission.  To book us through an entertainment agency and not make direct contact with us. Wedding Fees Don’t get me wrong, our fees are the same no matter how we’re booked or what the function might be. For example we all

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Our Venue Knowledge. Let’s get straight to the point with venues. We have a vast knowledge of the venues in and around Melbourne because with more than 17 years experience providing live string music we have most certainly got around. Every month I post a list of our booking locations on our FSSQ News & Updates. This is a nice way

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2018 – New Year

Welcome to 2018, How time flies! First week of January has come and gone and it’s been a great start to the new year already. So many happy couples tying the knot, we’ve provided live string music for wedding ceremonies, receptions, canapés etc. 2017 was a resounding success for us and 2018 is looking just as strong. But for FSSQ

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