Things that make you go hmmm

The Unexpected.

With all the events we play at, we do get to see some rather disturbing behaviour from time to time. The unexpected. Not all the time, but occasionally there can be a guest get a little out of hand, maybe over refreshed, or an overbearing celebrant perhaps making your ceremony their own personal cabaret show. Even photographers being far less than discreet.

Generally, we are witness to professionals doing a professional job, a civil celebrant delivering a meaningful and personal ceremony for a happy couple in love, or an MC performing a masterclass in hosting duties.

What I’m talking about is the unknown factor, how people can be on the day. This all comes back to the communication blog I posted earlier. In the process of planning your special occasion, speak to your celebrant, priest, photographer, wedding planner, MC, entertainment and so on. Understand who they are and how they operate, will they be who you want them to be on the day?

Hotel Windsor. Melbourne

Here is Christelise de Graaf , a very talented and trusted singer we regularly work with. When my clients ask if we know a singer, I recommend Christelise because we know her, she knows us and we work well together, there is an understanding. This is why I say the value of my clients speaking personally to me about their ideas for music is immeasurable, having a connection so there is no disappointment on the day.

Unplanned Surprises.

On the other side of the coin things can pop up unexpectedly as well. Just recently we were engaged to provide live string music for a 4 hour wedding ceremony & reception. Unfortunately during the ceremony after the bride’s ring was forced onto her finger, it turned out to be too small and cut off the circulation to her wedding finger. After the venue staff tried everything they could unsuccessfully to encourage the ring to slide off, bride & groom whisked off to hospital to have the ring cut off, missing their entire wedding reception. While this all took place in reasonably good humour, it’s not what anyone would plan for on the day.


I guess it’s fair to advise that your special day may not play out as you will have planned. No matter how precise and to the minute you organize, and to be honest, the weddings where every minute is accounted for are the ones that usually present the most challenges. It just doesn’t work that way! I think the best advice is to just relax, enjoy the day as it presents itself. You have your loved ones, friends, family there to support you and see you get married after all. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.




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