Marriage Laws

Marriage Laws. 

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past 12 months, you’d know of the major changes to the Australian Marriage Laws which come into effect January 2018. These changes are significant for many people and in the decisions they can now make under Australian law. Follow the link for more info…    Marriage Equality


For myself and Four Seasons String Quartet it’s not about a YES vote or a No vote. It’s not whether you’re male & female, same sex, LGBT. For me it’s always been about the music. My philosophy is to bring the beauty of live string music to as wide an audience as possible. To share what we do with as many people as we can is reward in itself. You see, music is universal.

Our Quality

As in the past, whether we are engaged to perform at a wedding, corporate event, or celebration of any kind, our commitment is always the same regardless.

We are actively taking same sex bookings as we speak. Our very 1st booking taken is an exciting one indeed because it’s on a houseboat on the Murray River in Echuca. The happy couple have written their own music for the ceremony so it will be our distinct pleasure to play for them on many levels.

We have performed at every type of celebration you can imagine, not to mention the many hundreds of performances for the public in general and surprise surprise, our music was just as stunning, our instruments looked just as beautiful, and the results were just as breathtaking.





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