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Music Choices:

Yesterday we had the absolute honor to play at a funeral for a much loved gentleman at Faulkner cemetery. There was a lovely chapel on site and the service was a fitting send off. The gentleman who passed away was a champion boxer in his day and so the family’s music choices included “Gonna Fly Now” from the movie Rocky. Everyone knows this piece, so recognizable and perfect for sending off a master of the sweet science. Our hearts go out to this family as they grieve. So touching, for even though they’re in mourning, they went out of their way to acknowledge and express their appreciation for our contribution to the funeral service, they experienced first hand the beauty and emotion of live strings.

To make a point, we can tailor music choices to suit any function or ceremony. This personalizes that special occasion no matter what it is and gives it such a meaningful touch. For example we are booked to play at an Emporium where Disney will be the theme and so out come all our stunning Disney tunes. The public will love it, great for children too, uplifting, happy and known by all. Our repertoire list is immense covering all genre, and we can certainly provide for those special requests. If it so happens you’re just too unsure, we can always tailor a suitable music program for you at no extra cost, taking the worry and uncertainty out of it for you, not to mention the time saved.




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