Communication is the key


One aspect of organising a booking is the communication between myself and my clients. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, proposal, party, anything at all, my clients are definitely far more comfortable with the knowledge they gather after chatting with me. There’s so much to talk about; the venue, where to set up, how it all happens etc.

Having been to just about every venue and park in Melbourne and suburbs, it certainly is reassuring for people looking for a string quartet to hear me talk about where we usually set up, where the best vantage points are or even car parking. For example having played at Quat Quatta in Ripponlea so often, I always make sure the bride knows trains run just behind the rear gardens so it’s important to perhaps know the train timetable for your day. You don’t want the 5.06 running past as your vows are taking place.

These details can be important to some and of no importance to others, and that’s ok. But it is valuable for my clients to know how our experience is an asset for them. With weddings for example, many of our couples are getting married for the 1st time and may not be inclined or have the opportunity to think of every little detail, not with all the planning going on.

So relax, enjoy every part of the journey to your big occasion and always feel free to ask questions, I love hearing from you!




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