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Welcome to my Four Seasons String Quartet blog.

Thank you for joining me. I would like to share Four Seasons String Quartet’s experience and knowledge with you, we’ve prepared for and performed in hundreds of special functions over nearly 20 years.

I’m Nora, cellist, Musical Director and founder of FSSQ. 

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I’ve been studying, practicing and playing the cello pretty much my whole life. My passion is to share the beauty and richness of live string music, so naturally the vehicle to do this is my own string quartet.

I will be your cellist on the day and I look forward to playing for you and your guests. 


Every enquiry, phone call, correspondence & booking is handled by myself. So when your special day finally arrives, I will be there already knowing what you want from your occasion. I will know the style you wish to achieve and the ambience you’d like us to create. Contact Us


About Us

My players in Four Seasons String Quartet are all internationally experienced professional string musicians. We share the same love for music making and this manifests in each performance.

The most common theme from feedback we receive is the awe in which guests are left in after being in the presence of live string music. I’m constantly approached after our performances by couples & guests. They’re stunned how our music lifts any occasion to the next level. This always gives us great pleasure!

Join me. Visit often, as I share the quartet’s experiences from all of the weddings, corporate events, birthdays and many other functions imaginable.  Visit our News & Updates page often to see all the venues and locations we are attending for that month.

I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions. I’m excited to have you here!


  Nora Brownrigg (Cellist / Music Director)
Four Seasons String Quartet


Versatility Our string quartet’s versatility has never been more apparent than now. With the performances we have been engaged in so far this year, as in previous years, we can play just about anywhere. If you’re in need of live string music, we can be there. Relocating Typically at an outdoor wedding for example, It’s …

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Why Pay Commission?

Don’t Do It! I just can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would choose to pay a commission.  To book us through an entertainment agency and not make direct contact with us. Wedding Fees Don’t get me wrong, our fees are the same no matter how we’re booked or what the function might …

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Our Venue Knowledge. Let’s get straight to the point with venues. We have a vast knowledge of the venues in and around Melbourne because with more than 17 years experience providing live string music we have most certainly got around. Every month I post a list of our booking locations on our FSSQ News & Updates. …

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2018 – New Year

Welcome to 2018, How time flies! First week of January has come and gone and it’s been a great start to the new year already. So many happy couples tying the knot, we’ve provided live string music for wedding ceremonies, receptions, canapés etc. 2017 was a resounding success for us and 2018 is looking just …

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January Bookings

Bookings  So many bookings happening in January. Yet through the festive season hectic time it’s business as usual for me. In fact with weddings happening early January it’s important for my couples that I’m available throughout the season for those music requests and last minute questions etc. Every month I post on our “News & …

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Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates. One thing I always enjoy doing is committing to the many venue wedding expos which pop up every year. What normally happens is venues will tentatively choose a date and send out invitations to suppliers with the aim to confirm availability.  No point announcing a wedding expo if suppliers can’t make it, that …

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Another Great Wedding

Another Great Wedding. There we go, that’s another beautiful wedding under our belt. The bride looked amazing, the groom looked very smart, and the music was spectacular and fitting for such an occasion. The funny thing is, Natasha, the bride, only contacted us 1 week ago to enquire about having a string quartet for her …

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Marriage Laws

Marriage Laws. 

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past 12 months, you’d know of the major changes to the Australian Marriage Laws which come into effect January 2018. These changes are significant for many people and in the decisions they can now make under Australian law. Follow the link for more info…    Marriage Equality


For myself and Four Seasons String Quartet it’s not about a YES vote or a No vote. It’s not whether you’re male & female, same sex, LGBT. For me it’s always been about the music. My philosophy is to bring the beauty of live string music to as wide an audience as possible. To share what we do with as many people as we can is reward in itself. You see, music is universal.

Our Quality

As in the past, whether we are engaged to perform at a wedding, corporate event, or celebration of any kind, our commitment is always the same regardless.

We are actively taking same sex bookings as we speak. Our very 1st booking taken is an exciting one indeed because it’s on a houseboat on the Murray River in Echuca. The happy couple have written their own music for the ceremony so it will be our distinct pleasure to play for them on many levels.

We have performed at every type of celebration you can imagine, not to mention the many hundreds of performances for the public in general and surprise surprise, our music was just as stunning, our instruments looked just as beautiful, and the results were just as breathtaking.



Holiday Availability

Holiday Season. While the lead up to the Christmas holiday season is a busy time for everyone and most people have so many things to do, it’s all so people can put their feet up, relax and enjoy family time with loved ones when all is said and done. Most will probably have some time …

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Wedding Ceremony Recommendations

Ceremony Recommendations. The wedding ceremony never fails to send a shiver down my spine when bridesmaids have travelled down the aisle to settle in position, groom and groomsmen are waiting patiently, all anticipating the same thing. Imagine, there’s a brief pause, then our strings come alive with those iconic notes from Pachelbel’s Canon in D. …

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