Birthday Concert

Happy Birthday.

Two weeks ago our string quartet was engaged to provide background music for a 60th birthday party at Balgownie Estate in the Yarra Valley. Nothing unusual with that, we’ve played many birthdays over the years, always with great success.

So we arrived 30 minutes early to set up, met the family and our birthday girl…lovely people as always. Delivered her a birthday card from Four Seasons String Quartet, even though on this occasion we were playing as a duo. Very early on in our performance, although we thought we’d be providing music as family and friends ate, drank, partied and chatted the night away, very quickly our performance became a mini concert, with all guests enchanted by our mix of classical and modern pieces. One couple had a request for “Stand By Me” as it was a very special meaningful song for them and so as we played this lovely song they danced arm in arm and for that moment they were the only ones there. It was a beautiful moment!


With how the evening turned out, it occurred to me how the beauty of live string music can touch people in the most profound way. It brings out emotions for some, joy, memories, celebration for others. But one thing’s for sure, it always touches the senses in a most positive way.





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