Loving what we do

Loving What We Do.

Another weekend down and lots of beautiful music played for the happiest of occasions. I’m very proud of what we do, what we bring to an event, and I’m especially proud of my players. Such talented, giving ladies. I wish I could explain the joy I feel in sitting next to these girls, making music together. Add to that, say, a wedding, and imagine the groom and his men standing patiently in position, full of expectation. Then, we get the nod, our bride has made her way to her starting point for her processional. I’ve been communicating with the bride and she would like Pachelbel’s Canon to walk up the aisle to.

Aisle with a view.

Our bride waits for my cello’s first notes, then takes those important steps to the rest of her life. What many girls dream of. Although society is going through some changes, the ceremony remains essentially the same. Let’s not forget why we are here, at a couple’s biggest day, but so many times guests come up to us afterwards to say how they enjoyed our contribution. Many have no idea how chillingly beautiful our live string music is, how it transforms an occasion into something far more magical.

Garden aisle

And so it must be said, I remember every one of my brides, my couples, and their big day. It’s as important to me as it is to them, where we played and what we played, indoors, outdoors, weather on the day. It’s all part of what makes every wedding different and I wouldn’t want it any other way.





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