Four Seasons String Quartet

Month: November 2017

News & Updates

News & Updates Did you know we have a “News & Updates” page on our website? Here you can see what’s happening, interesting snippets of info and where we’re currently playing for that month. * There are many ways to see what we do and where we do it…. Facebook  Instagram   YouTube  Google+ * When you correspond with or …

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Which ensemble is right for your next function?

Ensembles. You know, a string quartet isn’t necessarily the only option if you’re considering having live strings at your next function. Factors to consider when deciding on which ensemble you’d like include budget, available space, number of guests, or simply just personal preference. Below are descriptions to help you decide: Quartet: 2 violins, viola, cello …

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Loving what we do

Loving What We Do. Another weekend down and lots of beautiful music played for the happiest of occasions. I’m very proud of what we do, what we bring to an event, and I’m especially proud of my players. Such talented, giving ladies. I wish I could explain the joy I feel in sitting next to …

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Things that make you go hmmm

The Unexpected. With all the events we play at, we do get to see some rather disturbing behaviour from time to time. The unexpected. Not all the time, but occasionally there can be a guest get a little out of hand, maybe over refreshed, or an overbearing celebrant perhaps making your ceremony their own personal …

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Communication is the key

Communication. One aspect of organising a booking is the communication between myself and my clients. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, proposal, party, anything at all, my clients are definitely far more comfortable with the knowledge they gather after chatting with me. There’s so much to talk about; the venue, where to set up, how …

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Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment Lately we’ve been providing a lot of corporate entertainment for retirement villages, shire councils, awards dinners etc. It got me thinking how a business/corporate environment can gel so well with the arts/string quartet. Typically while many weddings play out on weekends, corporate functions can be later on any given evening and into the …

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Birthday Concert

Happy Birthday. Two weeks ago our string quartet was engaged to provide background music for a 60th birthday party at Balgownie Estate in the Yarra Valley. Nothing unusual with that, we’ve played many birthdays over the years, always with great success. So we arrived 30 minutes early to set up, met the family and our …

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